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Innovations In HealthcareSM
13th Annual Awards Event  |  September 28, 2011 
Marriott Hotel - Long Beach, CA

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Award Winner and Keynoter
Steve Case
Chairman & CEO of Revolution Health Group

Steve will address the audience on how putting the "consumer" in the center of healthcare can revolutionize the industry. 

Steve feels the healthcare system doesn't need incremental "band-aid" type approaches.  It needs fresh thinking.  It needs a revolution, led by the people, for people.  That's what Steve is hoping to catalyze at Revolution Health, and what we'll hear about.

Steve Case is Chairman and CEO of Revolution Health, which he launched in 2005 to put consumers at the center of the healthcare system, providing better choices and more convenience and control over their health.

The cornerstone of Revolution Health is RevolutionHealth.com, a free, comprehensive health and medical information site that offers best-of-breed health information and more than 125 online tools aimed at helping individuals take control of their well-being. Revolution Health has partnered with over 50 companies and teamed with leading health nonprofits and experts to make its innovative approach to health a reality. Revolution Health is also focused on Revolution Health Membership, a service primarily targeting businesses, that provides telephone-based services that help people obtain answers to their health questions and provide assistance with settling health insurance claims, as well as scheduling appointments and much more. Further, Revolution Health is an unbiased source that enables consumers to easily browse and compare health insurance products, then puts consumers in touch with trusted brokers. The company provides these services, as well as benefits solutions for corporate America, through its affiliate Extend Health.

Previously, Steve was Chairman and CEO of America Online, Inc. and, later, Chairman of AOL Time Warner. As Co-Founder of AOL, Steve played an integral role in building the world's largest Internet company and helped transform how people communicate, learn and conduct business. AOL brought millions their first connection to the Internet and drove worldwide adoption of a medium that has become more valuable than the telephone or television. AOL led the industry on issues like making the Internet a safe place for children, bridging the "digital divide" and investing in online philanthropy.

Steve is currently Chairman of Revolution Health’s parent company, Revolution LLC, and two non-profit organizations, the Case Foundation, a private family foundation he established in 1997 with his wife, Jean, and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2), an entrepreneurial approach to funding brain cancer research that he founded in 2001 with his late brother, Dan. In addition, Steve was a founding organizer of Business Strengthening America and has served as Vice Chair of the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy. Also, he was honored with the National Mentoring Partnership Leadership Award.
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