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Innovations In HealthcareSM
13th Annual Awards Event  |  Sept. 28, 2011 
Marriott Hotel - Long Beach, CA

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"Leadership in innovation" Award Winners and Keynote
2011 Leadership In Innovation Award Winner and Keynote
Daniel Kraft, MD
Founder & CEO of IntelliMedicine

Daniel Kraft, MD - among the nation’s most prolific, multi-dimensional, and “applied healthcare" futurists - is a Stanford- and Harvard-trained physician-scientist with over 20 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research, and healthcare innovation. He is a serial entrepreneur, educator, inventor/developer of medical devices, drug therapies, and telecommunications systems.

Currently, Daniel is the Founder and CEO of IntelliMedicine, which focuses on enabling connected, data-driven, and integrated personalized medicine. He also chairs the Medicine Track for Singularity University and is Executive Director of its FutureMed Program, which educates, informs, and prepares physicians and senior healthcare executives to understand and recognize the opportunities and disruptive influences of exponentially growing technologies within medicine and healthcare, and to understand how many rapidly developing and converging fields affect the future of clinical practice and the biomedical industry. read more

2010 Leadership In Innovation Award Winner and Keynote
Debra Resienthel
Founding CEO of Novasys Medical Inc.

Debra Reisenthel had led Novasys Medical, a women’s health company, since its inception, in 2001.  Along the way, she raised $90 million in venture capital to see the company’s flagship product, the Renessa® System, through product development, animal studies, human clinical trials, FDA-approval, market acceptance, and widespread reimbursement.  In a market with huge challenges, few visionaries remain a company’s chief executive throughout the entire progression, from idea to commercialization.

Renessa was named the 2009 Most Promising New Product, selected by industry CEOs, at the Phoenix Medical Device and Diagnostic Conference. Also since 2009, Renessa has received several positive insurance coverage decisions, including approvals for nationwide coverage from Aetna, a positive Blue Shield of California Technology Assessment (CTAF), and coverage approvals from seven of the ten Medicare regions - enabling Medicare to cover Renessa for over 75% of insured women nationwide. read more

  Prenote Presenter
Img_DaveSayen How CMS Is Demonstrating Innovation in Healthcare

Dave Sa˙en, Region IX Administrator for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, has long been a proponent of innovative CMS "Demonstration Programs" designed to improve the quality of accessible healthcare for our nation's most vulnerable: Medicare beneficiaries, as well as the poor, aged, blind and disabled assisted through Medicaid - all while saving taxpayers money. He'll detail for us some of the programs he's most excited about.

2009 Leadership In Innovation Award Winner and Keynote
Patrick Soon-Shiong Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD
Chairman & CEO of Abraxis Health

Patrick Soon-Shiong is Executive Chairman and CEO of Abraxis Health, which is forging a new paradigm for the delivery of healthcare, requiring a novel global infrastructure, integrating bioinformatics, discovery, molecular medicine and clinical development.

Under this model, Abraxis Health will develop, test and validate diagnostics and drugs to target pre-selected patients based on molecular profiles that predict drug response to particular therapeutics. This will enable the delivery of drugs to patients in a predictive, preventative and evidence-based manner, improving outcomes and pharmacoeconomics. read more  

2008 Leadership In Innovation Award Winner and Keynote
Steve Case
Chairman & CEO of Revolution Health Group

Steve will address the audience on how putting the "consumer" in the center of healthcare can revolutionize the industry. 

Steve feels the healthcare system doesn't need incremental "band-aid" type approaches.  It needs fresh thinking.  It needs a revolution, led by the people, for people.  That's what Steve is hoping to catalyze at Revolution Health, and what we'll hear about.  read more

Additional Previous "Leadership In Innovation Award Winner and Keynote include: 
2007 - Steve Burd, CEO of Safeway Inc.

2006 - Ken Kizer, MD, the visionary behind the VA’s VistA Electronic Medical Record System, as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Under Secretary for Health.

2005 - Kent Thiry, CEO of DaVita, an innovative provider of health education and dialysis services

2004 - Leonard Schaeffer, CEO of WellPoint Health Networks, one of the nation’s largest health plans.
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