SPECIAL EDITION Announcing the Innovations in HealthcareSM Award Winners

On October 26, 2016,
ABL Organization's 17th Innovations in HealthcareTM
Presented ABBY AWARDS to Innovative Organizations
that are Dramatically Reducing the Cost of Quality Healthcare

And the Winners Are. . .

GD Biosciences; Medical Tactile's "SureTouch;" and Honor

Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo, Keynoted the Event, and was Honored with the "Leadership in Innovation" Award

ABL Organization's 2016 "Leadership in Innovation" Awardee, Joe Kiani, Chairman & CEO of Masimo, (pictured at left) has grown Masimo from a "garage startup" in 1989 - when he invented pulse oximetry technology that virtually eliminated false alarms and increased its ability to detect life-threatening events - to a publicly-traded, medical device superstar, monitoring 100+ million patients a year. Along the way, Joe became an industry hero as the "David" who overcame almost insurmountable obstacles and industry "Goliaths." He first took on powerful healthcare GPOs - in a series of New York Times articles and by testifying twice before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights. His efforts led media to call Masimo "the poster child for small medical device manufacturers" and observe that Joe "almost single-handedly galvanized the rancorous debate over the GPO industry's purported role in locking out innovative technologies from the marketplace." Subsequently, Masimo won two lawsuits against Tyco (now known as Covidien), first for violating antitrust laws, and later settled a lawsuit against Nellcor for $300+ million in damages for infringing on its pulse oximetry patents.

Beyond Masimo, in 2012 Joe founded the nonprofit Patient Safety Movement Foundation, with a mission to eliminate the more than 200,000-400,000 preventable patient deaths that occur in U.S. hospitals annually. President Bill Clinton keynoted the organization's first Patient Safety Summit in January 2013, and has returned every year since. Today the organization's ambitious goal is ZERO preventable hospital deaths by 2020 (0X2020). The event's participating hospital executives make a formal and public patient safety commitment and report on it annually. Already, 0X2020 commitments from organizations representing 1,631 hospitals are estimated to have collectively saved 24,643 lives. 

CONGRATS to ALL of the 2016 ABBY Award
Finalists & Winners!

Pictured above, left to right: Christopher Godfrey, CEO of Bloodbuy; Douglas Harrington, MD, CEO of GD Biosciences; Mark Peterson, RPh, CCO of Genoa Healthcare; Charles Taylor, PhD, Founder of HeartFlow, Inc.; Kelsey Mellard, GM of Honor; Joe Peterson, MD, CEO of Medical Tactile Inc./SureTouch Breast Exam; Joe Randolph, CEO of The Innovation Institute; and Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of Vitagene.

At the Event, eight innovative healthcare companies competed for the 2016 ABBY Awards, which recognize and celebrate organizations with innovative technologies and approaches that are dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare. The eight Finalists were selected by a committee composed of ABL Members with deep industry domain knowledge.

The three ABBY Winners were chosen via secret ballot by the healthcare executives in attendance at the October 26th Event, after viewing presentations made by the CEO or senior executive representing each Finalist company.

GD Biosciences, SureTouch by Medical Tactile, and Honor
Win ABBY Awards

Proudly holding their Innovations in HealthcareTM ABBY Awards are. . .   

Douglas Harrington, MD, CEO
GD Biosciences
Diamond ABBY Awardee 

Joe Peterson, MD, CEO
Medical Tactile Inc. (SureTouch)
Platinum Awardee

Kelsey Mellard, GM
Gold Awardee

Douglas Harrington, MD, CEO of GD Biosciences, received the Diamond ABBY Award for the company's PULS Cardiac Test, presented to him by 2015's Diamond ABBY winner, Chris Cruttenden, CEO of Safety Net Connect and NetChemistry Inc. PULS is a simple blood test that identifies individuals who are at risk of experiencing a heart attack, and for whom early intervention can help. The test measures the body's immune response to arterial or endothelial injury that leads to formation and progression of cardiac lesions that can become unstable and rupture, which is the cause of up to 75% of all cardiac events, contrary to the commonly held mistaken belief that narrowing of the arteries causes most heart attacks. The PULS Cardiac Test provides physicians with this information so that, with patients, they can take preventative action early on, when it is most effective, to improve patient care and potentially prevent death or disability.

Joe Peterson, MD, CEO of Medical Tactile Inc., received the Platinum ABBY Award for the "SureTouch" painless, radiation-free, screening clinical breast exam system, presented to him by last year's Platinum ABBY winner, George Carpenter, CEO of MYnd Analytics. Incorporating proprietary tactile sensors, the SureTouch device looks like a computer mouse and is used in conjunction with processing algorithms to identify masses in breast tissue. This digitally-enhanced sense of "touch" allows SureTouch to dramatically improve upon the limit of lesion size and depth detectable by conventional manual palpation techniques and provide immediate and accurate digital results. The exceptional portability of the device, combined with the ability of a nurse to perform exams, allows screening to be delivered in the community, removing common barriers of inconvenience and access.

Kelsey Mellard, GM, San Francisco & Head of Partnerships for Honor, received the Gold ABBY Award for the company's app-enabled provision of quality care and companionship in clients' homes, presented to her by Sponsoring Member Marcia Augsburger, Partner with King & Spalding. Honor gives both families and caregivers easy-to-use support and tools to manage care from anywhere, for visits lasting from one hour to 24-hours a day. Every Honor Care Pro is vetted, screened, qualified, and paid more than the industry average, as well as equipped with an app that allows them to record notes from each visit to share with family members, other aides, and doctors. For the client, an Honor Family app provides real-time notifications and details about who is coming when, allowing contact with Care Pros before, during, and after visits.

"Truly this year's ABBY Awards were a celebration of healthcare leaders whose innovative approaches, med tech and digital technologies are already dramatically reducing the cost of quality care," noted ABL President Mimi Grant, who reflected, "after each of our 17 Innovations in HealthcareTM Awards Events, audience members have enthusiastically reported that 'this one was the best ever' - a true testament to the spirit of innovation, matched with a passion for making better care more affordable, being alive and well throughout the country."

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