ABL IN-PERSON Focused Workshop

Wednesday, July 19, 2023
10 AM - 3 PM; Including Breakfast, served at 9:30, Lunch & Parking

Explosive AI

& More Breakthroughs
You Can Use!

An IN PERSON Member Exclusive

Event in Westwood (L.A.)

ABL Members, RSVP to janet@abl.org;
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Berkus Ciment Raff
Menon Chen Buckley Buchert

In this very special IN PERSON EVENT, you will learn HOW TO apply the latest AI apps to speed your company's growth and catapult its efficiency.

ABL Healthcare and Technology Members statewide will learn from their peers how they are already using AI tools to help grow their businesses in a fraction of the time - and cost.

Following our Networking Breakfast, Dave Berkus, Chairman of Multiple Portfolio Companies, will introduce us to "The Sixth Wave - The Rise of AI Everywhere" with some jobs erased and new jobs created - including multiple positions in the C-suite.

Jason Ciment, Founder & CEO, Get Visible Inc., will demonstrate a raft of new apps he's harnessed so you can "Leverage AI to Grow Your Business."

Robin Raff, Founder & CEO, Pulse Healthcare Marketing, Inc., is "Using AI to support marketing strategy, inspire creative thinking and more" for her healthcare clients.

Award-winning Persian restaurant Toranj will cater our Lunch - during which our Round Table Discussion will focus on, "From What You've Heard So Far Today, which 'AI' Are You Planning to Try Out & Where Will You Get Any Needed Support?"

After lunch, our Panelists will explain how they are using AI to enhance productivity - in the office, lab, or at the bedside:

Naresh Menon, PhD, Founder & CEO, ChromoLogic LLC, is Using AI for "Our First Draft of Anything" - from Applicant Tests, Marketing Materials, Reports, Software Syntax, and Clinical Trial Protocols - "It's Our Efficiency Superpower."

Grace Chen, CEO, LucidAct, is "Collaborating with Amazon's Bedrock AI, to take Chronic Care Management & Monitoring into the AI-age," offering a Healthcare-Specific Language Model to Summarize Nursing Documentation for Physicians.

Ed Buckley, CEO of Select Data, will share "How SmartCareTM is Reducing Staff Burnout, While Improving Job Satisfaction & Outcomes," because Using AI Tools Appropriately Empowers Care Teams Exponentially, Freeing Time to Help Deliver More Appropriate Care.

And, Greg Buchert, MD, will present "AI's Impact on the Medical Device Side of Healthcare" - where he and other Angels are investing in the AI-infused products they anticipate will have the greatest impact for Medicaid Beneficiaries.

Then we'll close the Afternoon with a Go-Round of the Group's Top Takeaways.

Daisy Martinez, Member Services Coordinator
Daisy@abl.org | www.ABL.Org
20232 Morristown Cir., Huntington Beach, CA 92646